Top Tips On Getting Subscribers To Forward Your Emails

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Getting consumers to forward your emails is not an easy task, for one, do they actually open the emails, two, do they read the whole email and three, will they actually share it. With these top tips it will increase your chances of getting your emails opened, read and forwarded.

Personalisation is key! The more tailored an email is to an individual subscriber the more likely they are to share with others. Forget the first name terms and those other one dimensional norms. It is important to focus on the content and if the content is worth sharing then you can be guaranteed that they will.

Include the words ” Share on Social”, believe it or not, this actually works. When people see this they are encouraged to spread the word and forward the message. Most subscribers are taking that as their cue to go ahead and share with the world.

Single topic emails are easily shared as the sender does not have to direct the recipients attention to one single part of the email, thus reduces confusion. Also as the use number of mobile users increase single subject lines are easier to read.

Simplicity encourages sharing. Keeping the email as simple and brief as possible is very important. Researchers suggest that the emails that were shared the most were visually simple with no extortionate graphics. Simplicity is key!

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